Single Job Package

Free Single Job Posting (45 days) - Price US$0

Premium Single Job Posting (45 days) - Price US$199

Benfits of Premium Job Posting:

1. All premium jobs are advertised on our famous news website
2. All premium jobs are advertised extensively on our social media channels.
3. We will also write post for your premium jobs and advertise with our readers.
4. Premium jobs are also posted on our newsletter (5K+ subscribers).
5. On top of all these, we will guarantee you that we will find the right candidate for you and if not we will adverise your job for next 45 days as premium free of charge.
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Unlimited Premium Job Posting (90 days)*

*In addition to above premium jobs benefits, this unlimited job posting package comes with Job Wrapping Service (sometimes called Job Spidering). This eliminates the tedious task of manually posting and updating your job posting by extracting the jobs from your website and auto-post on the way you want. It comes with free resume access.